Digital Transformation Graphic-Design

Finding the right images for digital transformation is hard. Choys Design visualizes digital transformation in an appealing and modern way.

Digital Transformation topics: #Blockchain #ArtificialIntelligence #VoiceRecognition #ProcessMining #ProcessAutomation #eJustice #eGovernment #eLearning #Data #Cybersecurity #IT-Acceptance #SmartCity #Informationmanagement

You can find samples of my work below:


Conny Schneider

From an early age I have loved all creative activities and always followed this passion. It did not matter whether it was detailed charcoal or pencil drawings, photography, 3D-modelling,  abstract images through acrylic pouring or editing different materials through pyrography, I have been doing all kind of creative pursuits.

I never wanted to give up on the creative side. Even though I am passionate about project management and digital transformation as my main job.

Last year in October I started uploading my works on Unsplash. Especially my digital graphic designs, which combines my passion for digital transformation and 3D-modelling, have reached a high reach.


You can contact me via email.